Web & Application Development

We build digital services for any device, while following industry best practices. Taking an agile approach to development, we use open-source technologies like Ruby on Rails and JavaScript for speed, flexibility and quality.

Our Web & Application Development Capabilities

Cloud Software

Web Applications


Digital Business Tools


Responsive Websites

Mobile Apps

Technical Architecture

API Integration

Ruby on Rails






Mongo DB

MySQL + PostgreSQL

HTML 5 + CSS 3

Related Client Stories


Helping SwiftKey’s predictive keyboard to save users over two trillion keystrokes.

In three months, we built an API that links Swiftkey with individual social media and email accounts. Each user now experiences a completely personalised service.

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Making HMRC’s import/export tool 3x faster and 10x cheaper to maintain.

In three months, we rebuilt the complex tool to help users find the information they need easily. It now delivers over 2,000,000 page views a month, and meets all government digital standards.

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Lupin Systems

Making it easier to audit and manage hazardous materials on-site.

We developed user-friendly web and tablet apps that allow auditors to enter data on the go. Information is synced in the cloud, so facilities managers and external auditors can instantly address any hazards.

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SXT - Healthcare & Sexual Services Startup

Reducing the spread of STIs, with a patient-friendly digital partner notification tool.

Working closely with doctors and other health professionals, we developed a new digital service for SXT. The platform lets patients discreetly notify their partners about a potential infection, and helps clinics to meet their KPIs.

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A smart twitter tool that helps senior TV executives make big decisions.

Working closely with the client over six weeks, we developed a data visualisation web app. Using social media platforms, it lets ITV analyse what thousands of people are saying about its shows.

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