Lupin Systems

Making it easier to audit and manage hazardous materials on-site

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  • Tech Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • CouchDB
  • Cordova
  • Ember.JS
  • Core Services

  • User Experience Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Platform Engineering
  • Additional Services

  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
  • Helpdesk & Incident Response
  • Code & Security Updates
  • Fractional Product & Technical Leadership


Lupin Systems offers solutions to help organisations manage hazardous materials and comply with health and safety regulations.

The company wanted to rebuild their old software as a service solution in order to streamline the hazardous materials auditing process for their clients.

We had previously built and maintained other digital products for Lupin, so when they wanted a new app, HazMat, they approached us for help.


To enable real time auditing we developed two applications – a tablet app to be used by auditors and a web app to be used by facilities manager.

The tablet app allows Auditors to quickly and easily input data on the hazardous materials they’re assessing while at remote locations – enabling them to work more efficiently. Any data captured is automatically synced to the cloud as soon as the users have internet access.

The web app was primarily built for Facilities Managers, which enables them to easily access the audit data and produce reports. The dashboard highlights any problems areas and makes it easy to manage various hazardous materials within multiple sites.

This new real-time data system allows auditors working on-site and managers working in the office to view the latest data at the same time. This dramatically increases collaboration between the two groups of users, making it easier for them to ensure compliance with health and safety standards.


Our UX team worked with subject matter experts to gain deeper insight into the tasks involved in hazardous material management and auditing. From these discussions we were able to map the entire process, identifying interdependencies and user pain points.

For example, we found that many users struggled with manual data entry, particularly when working remotely. They would gather data on-site, then have to re-enter it into registers and compliance reports when they returned to the office.

Brainstorming sessions with Lupin’s Business Development Executives provided us with insights on what features would be useful to Facilities Managers, which helped refine the Dashboard design.

Thanks to user research and UX design, we created a digital solution that delivers many useful features and streamlines users’ workflows.


We created a practical, clean and beautiful user interface – not something that is usually associated with enterprise hazardous material management software! The app’s visual and UX design keeps users engaged and helps them complete tasks quickly and easily.

The app’s user interface is specially designed for people working on the go. By focusing on good navigation and small but important details, such as colour hierarchy, we ensured users are easily signposted through the application.

The new software interface gives Lupin Systems a competitive edge in a market dominated by software that looks dated and hard to use.