Ruby on Rails Development & Support

If you’re looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails team, we can help. We are industry-leading Ruby on Rails developers, user experience designers and project managers you can rely on.


We can assist you at any stage of the development process. That means we create new builds from scratch, audit and rescue existing products, and support completed ones. We also provide project management and UX design.

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Ruby on Rails application development

With an emphasis on scalability and security, we develop quickly and cleanly for everyone from small start-ups to large organisations. In the past, we’ve created:

  • Complex software
  • Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Internal tools
  • Web platforms
  • Consumer websites
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Ruby on Rails support and maintenance

We provide Ruby on Rails support for applications built by our team, and for those built by others. If someone else created your application, we’ll start with a code audit to make sure we’re familiar with it. We can then offer:

  • Helpdesk support
  • Server monitoring
  • Security updates
  • Code updates
  • Issue fixing
  • Feature development
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Ruby on Rails project rescue

Our team of ROR specialists and project managers has rescued many problematic developments in the past. We’re great at:

  • Code audits
  • Cleaning code
  • Fixing bugs
  • Prioritising user needs
  • Getting projects back on track in time for launch date

We use lean and agile methodologies to ensure time-efficient, low-risk development. We collaborate with you throughout the process, ensuring each new iteration of the product meets your needs.

We’re passionate about creating clean, neat code that follows industry best practices. Applying the latest user-centred design principles, we focus relentlessly on the person who’ll be experiencing your end product.

Bit Zesty has smart people who get up to speed very quickly. They have really listened effectively to what we do and brought forward exciting and innovative design proposals for our online service. They have helped me and my team think of things in a different way. An impressive, professional team who are really easy to work with.

Linda Stephens, The Secretary to the Queen's Award for Enterprise
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Our Work

We work with organisations ranging from start-ups and charities to global corporations and government bodies. Since 2009, they’ve trusted us with their Ruby on Rails application development and support. Here are a few Ruby on Rails projects that we’ve worked on.


Rebuilding a vital online import and export service to help companies involved in international trade

HM Revenue & Customs needed to rebuild the Trade Tariff tool - an online service that helps companies deal with the complex import and export legislation. Government Digital Services (GDS) chose us for the project as our standards aligned perfectly with their technology preferences and development methodology.

We used Ruby on Rails to build the Trade Tariff, adapted numerous other open source technologies (such as ElasticSearch and a PostgreSQL database) and contributed front-end and back-end libraries to the Ruby community. The result was an app that runs three times faster than its predecessor, costs approximately ten times less to maintain, and now receives over 1,500,000 views per month.


Creating a real time social media analytics tool for faster business decisions

ITV approached us to build a bespoke application that would analyse Twitter trends.

Due to the Twitter API rate limits, we had to store, process and analyse the data efficiently. The app was developed in Ruby on Rails and the data stored in MongoDB, while RabbitMQ (AMQP) was used to batch process the info collected. We then aggregated it into time series data to save space, and calculated the results in the background to improve the performance of the app.

We created a dashboard to make managing and visualising big data easy. This gave the broadcaster a new way of looking at both up-to-date and historical social media trends, allowing them to compare their shows’ success with those of their competitors.

“Bit Zesty delivered a completely bespoke solution for us in good time. Their innovation and creativity took the app above and beyond our expectations.” - Ben Tattersall Smith, ITV Social Media Manager

Enterprise Nation

Rescuing one of the UK’s largest start-up community membership site

Enterprise Nation connects around 70,000 start-up entrepreneurs, small business owners and enterprise experts. Having just commissioned a site re-design, they quickly realised that their partner agency was not capable of delivering reliable Ruby on Rails service.

A code audit revealed a dire need to rewrite the whole site, but Enterprise Nation weren’t in a position to start again. We agreed to help them nevertheless, and painstakingly improved their code bit by bit. We fixed a large number of bugs, repairing code and addressing issues as we found them. Afterwards, we continued working with their team to improve the site’s UX and functionality so it better meets business and user needs.


Providing expertise to build a cloud personalisation tool that helped a best-selling Android app get smart fast

Swiftkey makes technology that enables easy smartphone typing. It wanted to collect data from its user’s social networks, and use it to make smarter typing suggestions instantly. This would require the collection and analysis of user data from Twitter, Facebook and Gmail’s APIs. While the company had a large and strong team of developers, it decided it would need help from specialist web application developers.

Because SwiftKey uses Java, we used JRuby - an implementation of Ruby on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) - to build the new functionality in time for public launch. The new feature brought SwiftKey widespread critical acclaim, saving its users over 65 billion keystrokes.

“Bit Zesty did a great job on a project for us at SwiftKey, and other people I know who've worked with them rate them very highly.” - Paul Butcher, Chief Software Architect of SwiftKey

Trussell Trust

Helping the UK’s largest foodbank network to effectively deliver its services

Trussell Trust, the UK’s largest foodbank network, came to us about three years ago. The organisation was growing fast, and they needed a reliable Ruby on Rails support agency to take over from the freelancer who had built their Ruby on Rails application initially. The application was internal cloud-based software that collected data from over 400 foodbanks serving a million clients. It also helped manage stock control and keep data on partner organisations.

Our team of Ruby on Rails developers took over the code, fixed various issues, and made a number of enhancements. This including updating it to the latest version of Ruby on Rails, and building a data visualisation system that Trussell Trust could use to drive awareness of poverty.

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