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Bit Zesty have been fantastic! Collaborating with us on a complex medical app, they took the time to understand our needs and built an intuitive experience, flexible enough to adapt to changing requirements.

Dr Jack Pottle, Co-founder, Oxford Medical Simulation


Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) wanted to provide their virtual reality simulation users with feedback so that they can improve their clinical skills


We created a web application that seamlessly integrates with the OMS virtual reality software. It allows users to see their score and identify areas for improvement.


  • User Experience Design
  • Web Application Development
  • API Development
  • Agile Project Management

Project Overview


Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) created virtual reality software to provide a more cost effective and more readily available alternative to traditional medical simulation. This simulation training aims to give trainees feedback they can use to improve, and to provide analytical information for healthcare organisations. As OMS did not have the skills to develop the feedback application in-house, they partnered with us.

Our approach

The partnership began with a kick-off meeting to agree on the project plan. We also ran two ideation workshops to define functionality and create initial design concepts. We then iterated on the initial designs to create the final digital mockups, obtaining feedback at each stage.

We worked in an agile manner, holding bi-weekly sprint meetings and daily stand-ups with the OMS and Bit Zesty teams. This ensured that everyone involved in the project was aware of the progress. It also enabled decision-makers to re-prioritise features that needed to be completed in each sprint throughout the project.

What we did

Our web application seamlessly integrates with the OMS virtual reality software. Once the healthcare professional completes their VR simulation session, they log-in to the application via computer or on their phone. They can then see their score and get a personalised report for areas that need to be improved upon.

Users can view all their training history and even benchmark themselves against peers. The application also allows healthcare organisations to obtain statistics on their team’s performance.


The new feedback system enables trainees to get actionable feedback from every simulation session easily. This enhances the quality of training and ultimately improves patient safety.

Trainees can compare their scores with those of their peer group. This adds an element of gamification and gives them the motivation to try and improve their results.

Working in an agile way, we delivered features in time for crucial meetings, helping OMS to set up future trials.

In Bit Zesty we have found a true partner for our business - the team are a delight to work with, consistently going above and beyond. They delivered quality work, often ahead of the deadlines, and embody the agile approach, working with us as our needs and requirements change.

Michael Wallace, Co-founder, Oxford Medical Simulation

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