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Oxford Medical Simulation’s Series A Success: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

Jan 2024

At Bit Zesty, we are proud to witness and be part of transformative journeys in the tech world. Today, we are thrilled to share one such story of success and innovation: our client and partner, Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS), has secured a remarkable $12.6 million in Series A funding!

Concept to MVP

I remember the day Michael Wallace and Jack Pottle first stepped into our offices. They brought with them not just an idea but a vision to revolutionise healthcare through virtual reality. Their dedication to enhancing global patient safety and patient care while reducing training costs was not just compelling—it was inspirational.

The Road to Series A Funding

This recent funding, led by Frog Capital, marks a significant milestone in OMS’s journey. It’s a testament to the confidence placed in their mission and capabilities. Michael’s announcement of this achievement reflects the ambition and determination that have been driving forces behind OMS since its inception.

Bit Zesty’s Role in OMS’s Growth

At Bit Zesty, we have had the honour of being part of this incredible journey. Our collaboration with OMS allowed us to leverage our expertise in UX design and web application development to create a solution that profoundly impacts healthcare training. Understanding the critical nature of healthcare, we were committed to delivering a product that not only met but exceeded expectations.

The Impact of Our Work

Our work with OMS was more than just a project; it was a partnership aimed at making a meaningful difference in the healthcare sector. The web application we developed integrates seamlessly with OMS’s VR software, providing essential feedback to healthcare professionals. This tool has enhanced the quality of training, contributing significantly to the field of healthcare education.

Looking Ahead: The Future of OMS and Bit Zesty

As OMS embarks on this exciting new phase of growth, we at Bit Zesty are eager to see their continued innovation and success in the healthcare sector. Our journey with OMS from a startup to a scale-up has been nothing short of remarkable, and we look forward to their continued success.


Please join us in congratulating the team at Oxford Medical Simulation on this fantastic achievement. Their journey is a shining example of how innovation, when coupled with the right partnerships, can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Here’s to transforming healthcare education—one VR simulation at a time! 🩺🚀

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