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Open-sourcing Vigilion our anti-virus & anti-malware scanner API

Dec 2022

We are pleased to announce that Bit Zesty has decided to open-source our project called Vigilion, an easy-to-integrate cloud file scanning API service. Our real-time anti-malware security solution stops viruses from reaching your users and helps you meet IT Health Checks (ITHC) security requirements for your cloud services.

UK government organisations, such as BEIS, DCMS and the National Archives, are currently using it.

Vigilion is designed to make it easier for developers to integrate malware scanning into their applications so that end users are more protected against malicious files. By open-sourcing the project, we hope to more developers will use Vigilon to create safer user experiences across all web applications.

The open-source version includes all of the features that were in our paid version, including support for multiple file types, virus scanning, and more.

It provides a REST API, which is also useable with the existing Vigilion Ruby and Rails API clients and comes with documentation to help developers build their own API clients.

To ease the deployment, we have also included a Dockerfile which we use to deploy to Amazon AWS using Copilot.

Head to our GitHub page and check out Vigilion to get started!

Let’s make the web a safer place for everyone together!

If you have questions about Vigilion, need help setting it up, or want to learn more about Bit Zesty’s services, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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