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Bit Zesty approved as a supplier on 3rd ‘Digital Outcomes and Specialists’ framework

Oct 2018

This October, we are pleased to announce that the UK Government has awarded Bit Zesty a place as a supplier on the third iteration of the ‘Digital Outcomes and Specialists’ framework (known as DOS3).

DOS3 is part of the Digital Marketplace, a service created by the Government Digital Service (GDS) and the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) in 2014 to make government procurement easier and more transparent. Bit Zesty has successfully maintained its place as a listed supplier of digital services to the UK Government through all three iterations of the DOS framework to date.

The UK Government only selects suppliers who comply with stringent government policies and practices for digital development. Before being approved to join the framework, we demonstrated that we work according to the UK Government’s Technology Code of Practice and the Government Service Design Manual. We are proud to follow these high, government-level standards for development and design in all of our client projects, not just those for public sector organisations. These standards include working with a strong focus on user needs, accessibility, and security, and making use of open standards in technology to enable faster development.

Since the inception of ‘Digital Outcomes and Specialists’ in 2014, public sector organisations have spent over £198 million on digital solutions and services provided by SMEs via the framework, including user research, design and software development. This represents 40% of total spend and demonstrates the government’s trust in SMEs like Bit Zesty to deliver robust digital solutions. While, traditionally, the government has mostly partnered with larger providers, now it recognises that SMEs – with their flatter structures, agility and considerable senior-level engagement – are just as capable of creating excellent large-scale digital services, like the HMRC Trade Tariff Tool which our team rebuilt.

DOS3 is now open and making it simple for public sector organisations to find suppliers who can design, build, test, and deliver robust software solutions. We are proud to have been a part of the ‘Digital Outcomes and Specialists’ framework from the beginning and, now, to be a part of its successful third iteration.

To find out more about the services and solutions available to public sector organisations through DOS3, you can visit the Digital Marketplace.

Do you need help creating or improving a digital service? Contact Matthew, our Technical Director, today on +44 207 125 0160 or drop him a line on [email protected] for a free consultation.


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