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Whitepaper: 7 ways upgrading your Ruby on Rails application can save your business money

Jul 2021

While many busy companies may be tempted to prioritise other needs over upgrading software, there is a strong business case for updating your Ruby on Rails application to save costs in the long term.

We’ve seen it ourselves. Sometimes when we help our clients upgrade their RoR applications, the version they are running can be very old. This makes the entire upgrade process longer and more expensive than it needed to be. In the long run, doing regular, smaller upgrades would have been more cost-effective for the client.

There are other ways that delaying your application upgrades can cost you money or even become a business risk. Poor application performance and security are just a few.

To help you build a strong business case for upgrading, we have produced a free whitepaper containing seven reasons why you should upgrade your Ruby on Rails application.

When development cash and resources are stretched, upgrades can take a backseat. Our whitepaper explains why this is a bad idea. Download it to understand the benefits of upgrading and exactly how it can save you money.

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