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The benefits of creating web applications using Agile methodology

May 2017

How developing with Agility can improve your digital projects

Over the last decade Agile methodologies have transitioned from fringe usage into the mainstream, with many organisations and service providers recognising the technical advantages of developing with Agility. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of Agile to organisations interested in creating web applications or bespoke software.


Agile methodologies encourage the stakeholders to provide input at all stages of the project, and their adaptive, iterative nature means Agile development teams embrace changing requirements.

Improved project visibility/predictability

Working software is presented to the project’s stakeholders at the end of every iteration – sometimes as regularly as once a week – providing an opportunity to evaluate throughout the build. This regular cycle of results also makes it very easy to benchmark the amount of work done – as well as the speed at which the project is moving.

Increased speed of execution

Agile allows developers to work on core functionalities and vital features, whilst designers work on visuals, and UX architects wireframe interfaces to be used for early user testing. Reducing the time spent waiting for previous stages to be completed makes for a faster and more efficient project execution.

Continuous User Feedback

Rather than undergoing testing once the software is complete, an Agile project can adapt to regular tests and user feedback throughout the build process – improving your product’s design and market fit as early as possible.

Motivated Project Team

Agile teams are small and each member takes ownership of the project. This encourages individuals to work harder, as it means they feel less like small cogs in a huge machine, and more integral to the project’s success.

Close Working Relationships

Putting a huge emphasis on communication and collaboration within the development team, and between stakeholders, means organisations often go on to build strong and successful working relationships internally or with their external Agile agencies.

Reduced costs

Because Agile works best with smaller development teams and is a faster, more efficient way of creating software, it is generally more cost effective than the traditional development methods. Furthermore, because Agile is adaptive by nature, you are likely to spend less on changes to functionality after the development process is complete.

Better product quality

Agile methodologies build testing and feedback loops into the development process, encouraging clean coding, measured and regular appraisals of all the work done throughout the project, and thus higher quality end products.

Reduced Risk

Agile means continuously prioritising and developing core features first, while saving less valuable features until later on in the development process. This reduces the project’s risk, as even in its early stages a working software would have been produced.

If you don’t have an internal Agile team, then hiring a development agency that uses Agile methodologies for your web development project can help you reap all the benefits that Agile has to offer.

We have been following agile methodologies for building digital products since our inception in 2009 – get in touch and we can discuss your needs and see if we can help.

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