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6 ways developing in Ruby on Rails can commercially benefit your project

Jul 2014

Since its release in 2004, Ruby on Rails has earned the devotion of some of the tech industry’s most talented programmers, becoming the go-to framework for advocates of clean and rapid web development thanks to its numerous technical strengths.

However how will choosing Ruby on Rails developers directly benefit your business?

Increased development speed

Rails prioritises convention over configuration (i.e. logical rules which save time spent on configuration of the software), provides a framework for web apps, and is mainly self-documenting. All of this adds up to time savings during the development process – against .NET and Java, Ruby on Rails developers report an average of 2x more productivity.

Reduced costs

Ruby on Rails is open source, so there are no license costs associated with using it. It’s also a cost-effective way of developing purely because the team’s time is used more efficiently – for example, by using pre-built, open-source libraries of code – than with many other languages and frameworks.

Ease of maintenance

Ruby is one of the easier languages to read, is self-documenting, and lends itself to automated testing, logical software architecture and other development best practices. This means that if a new team takes over a project’s maintenance, it’s easy for them to quickly get a grip of how the software is written, and then keep it in good condition.


Rails has a close affinity with Agile development because it’s very easy to get a working prototype up and running. You can then use that prototype as a baseline from which to improve your product’s market fit. This also makes it great for fast-moving companies looking to pivot.

Quality code

Ruby on Rails is renowned for its convention over configuration philosophy and well-documented collection of best practices, and so it attracts developers for whom clean, quality coding is important. Rails developers don’t just do a job – they do it well.

Constantly improving technology

Ruby on Rails is totally open source, and constantly being improved. The developer community surrounding it is one of the most vibrant and active around – meaning regular updates and re-built libraries of code (gems) are only ever a click away.

We hope we have shown tangible ways in which developing in Ruby on Rails can improve your project. If you are interested in using Ruby on Rails to build your web application, then get in touch and we can discuss your needs and see if we can help.


Do you need help creating or maintaining a Ruby on Rails application? Contact Matthew, our Technical Director, today on +44 207 125 0160 or drop him a line on [email protected] for a free consultation.

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