Commitment to Carbon Reduction and Environmental Sustainability

At Bit Zesty, we recognise the urgency of the climate crisis and are dedicated to integrating environmental sustainability into the core of our business operations. As a remote-first organisation, we have identified unique opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our ecological contributions, solidifying our role as a climate-conscious leader in our industry.

Carbon Neutrality and Continuous Improvement

Bit Zesty is proud to be a carbon-neutral organisation. We achieve this through measuring and mitigating our environmental impact. Our commitment extends beyond simple carbon offsetting; it involves a systematic process to understand and actively reduce our emissions. This includes encouraging and facilitating our employees in their individual and collective climate actions.

Innovative Approaches to Sustainability

Our Climate Action Group spearheads our environmental initiatives, demonstrating our proactive stance on ecological issues. By fostering a remote work culture, we adapt to modern workforce needs and significantly diminish the traditional carbon emissions associated with commuting and office operations. This remote-first model supports our environmental goals and promotes a balanced and health-conscious work environment.

Partnerships and Future Goals

To address emissions we cannot directly eliminate, Bit Zesty partners with Ecologi to fund impactful projects focused on carbon reduction and tree planting. These initiatives are vital in our strategy to offset and actively contribute to environmental restoration.

Looking forward, Bit Zesty is excited to announce our intention to submit a B Corp application in 2024. This step will formalise our commitment to accountability and sustainability, considering all stakeholders, including the planet, in our business decisions.

Our Pledge

Bit Zesty remains steadfast in our commitment to the planet. We understand that true sustainability requires ongoing efforts and a dedication to continuous improvement. You can read more about our carbon reduction plan.