Bit Zesty Carbon Reduction Plan 2024

Emission Reduction Target

At Bit Zesty, we have set an ambitious goal to reduce our emissions per employee by 5% in 2024. As a remote-first organisation, our overall emissions are influenced by the size of our team and how we conduct our operations. This target is based on our commitment to proactive, continuous improvements in our environmental impact.

Achievements to Date

Carbon Neutrality: Continued to measure, understand, and offset our company’s carbon emissions to maintain our status as a carbon-neutral organisation.

Climate Action Group: Our internal group has driven and refined our sustainability practices.

Sustainability Challenges: Launched company-wide initiatives to promote and encourage sustainable practices among all employees.

Short-Term Actions

Travel and Commuting Policies: We will revise our travel policy to encourage employees to use greener travel options for work-related travel.

Office and Utilities: For our occasional physical gatherings or future office spaces, prioritise locations that utilise renewable energy sources and have demonstrable carbon reduction practices.

Purchasing Policies: Implement a sustainable purchasing policy, focusing on reducing consumption and opting for products from sustainable sources or second-hand items where feasible.

Digital Footprint: Review and optimise the use of digital tools to reduce energy consumption. Ensure responsible disposal or repurposing of electronic devices.

Employee Engagement: Initiate a volunteer program for employees to trial new, low-emission work practices, such as:

  • Reducing the use of video in virtual meetings by 20%.

Medium-Term Actions

Web Hosting and Digital Infrastructure: Prepare to leverage upcoming improvements by our service providers (like AWS’s 2025 emissions reduction plan) to decrease our digital carbon footprint further.

Long-Term Considerations

Beyond Direct Control: Focus on areas where we have less direct control over emissions, such as supply chain and waste management. We also anticipate a secondary reduction in these areas by improving our direct activities.

Monitoring and Reporting

We will track our progress against these goals through regular reporting and adjust our strategies as needed to ensure we are on track to meet our annual targets. This will include detailed assessments of the trials and initiatives to gauge their effectiveness and potential scalability across the organisation.