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Catalyst Notifications Week 5

Mar 2021

The Catalyst Notifications project has reached the end of week 5; you can read more about the service and our aims. But in summary, we’re looking to help Charities/Non-profits with notifying their service users by launching a service based on GOV.UK Notify. This is what we have been up to this week.


  • Week 5 has been great; we put the final touches on Alpha phase development. 
  • We completed Catalyst branding changes on the site and email templates
  • We tested the service internally following the complete end to end flow 
  • We have started to record and gather pieces to include in our show and tell


  • While the Alpha’s scope is primarily SMS, we needed to ensure emails were working as Notify uses itself to send emails for account setup and management.
  • I recorded a demo video that we will play at the show and tell, setting up and using the service.
    Screenshot of Matt Demoing the Notify service


  • Updated the “Request go live” functionality, used by clients who’ve recently signed up for a new Catalyst Notify account and wish to remove trial restrictions.
  • Updated documentation page of Catalyst Notify website to include example code on interacting with Catalyst Notify API using the GOV.UK client libraries.


  • Updated email branding from GOV.UK to Catalyst
  • Fixed dynamic elements on the admin UI that had Javascript errors
  • Updated the copy and elements of the UI to reflect the Catalyst Alpha scope.

The Catalyst Notifications service is now live! We will be doing a show and tell soon and If you would like an invite, drop us a line on [email protected].

Bit Zesty creates innovative digital products and services for corporations, nonprofit and startup organisations. Our experience working with charities and government organisations leave us well placed to understand their requirements and deliver them in a way that delights service users.
Get in touch with Matthew Ford ([email protected]) for more information about this project.

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