We design, develop, deliver. Apps on Rails.

We build amazing, complex and challenging apps in Ruby on Rails using Agile and Lean methodologies. We’ve collaborated with entrepreneurs, industry leaders and public bodies to turn their exciting ideas into successful, user-friendly software.

  • Technical Consulting

    Whether you’re a start-up or a fully established business, our technical consultants offer expert advice to put you on the track to success.

  • Software Development

    Unafraid of challenge or complexity, our agile team of Ruby on Rails developers are ready to transform your ideas into a working reality.

  • UX and Web Design

    Great websites or applications shouldn’t just look good but be easy to use too. We create attractive, intuitive apps that work on any device.

Technologies We Use

We build business software, medical web applications, bespoke e-commerce sites, social networking apps, intranets, and Software as a Service, among many others. But while we don’t focus on one particular type of web application, we do like to specialise in technologies we use so that we can build the highest quality software.

HTML, CSS & JavaScript

These are standard web languages that all web developers have to be fluent in. The latest version of HTML & CSS enables us to deliver sites that work on any browser and device, while JavaScript helps to create more advanced interactions.

Ruby on Rails & JRuby

Ruby is our language of choice. It is fast to develop in, easy to maintain, and lends itself well to Test Driven Development (TDD) and Agile practices. Meanwhile, JRuby is the perfect tool for writing Ruby code that can talk to Java applications.

MySQL, MongoDB & other NoSQL

We are equally comfortable using SQL databases, such as MySQL and Postgress, and NoSQL ones. For big data projects where scaling is important we favour NoSQL databases including CouchDB, Redis, MongoDB, and Elastic Search.

Who do we work with?

Our clients don’t easily fit into boxes. From government to entertainment; social media to social enterprise; entrepreneurs to established business, what unites them is a desire to harness the skills of the best Ruby developers to create quality apps efficiently and fast.

Public & Charity Sector

With public and charity sector budgets being squeezed and increases in efficiency expected, a number of clients, including the UK Government, have turned to us to help them deliver more for less.

Technology Start Ups

We’ve worked with entrepreneurs from the very earliest stages of conception through prototyping and various iterations to fully working software, thus contributing to the success of their business ventures.

Established Business

It isn’t just start-ups that have benefited from our expertise. Long established businesses, from lawyers to entertainment giants, have enlisted our help to stay at the forefront of their industry.

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